Agreement to use the service iTao

ATTENTION! Before using the service "iTao", please read in full the terms of the "Agreement on the use of the service iTao".

Set forth below is the text of the Agreement is an official public offer of service "iTao", addressed to individuals, the Agreement is concluded and becomes effective the Treaty of accession of the date of execution of the action register meaning full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the Agreement without any exceptions and/or limitations.

This Agreement governs the relationship between the service "iTao" and individuals or organizations that wish to create their own profile for the placement of text, images and other materials created by the User (hereinafter referred to as the Materials), using the service, "iTao" in the application (the Service).

Seizing the opportunity of creating a profile or using the Service, otherwise, the User agrees to all the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to observe them or to stop using the Service.

"iTao" allows the User free to create their own profile, posting of User Content in the profile, view materials posted by other Users, and add comments to them, as well as the use of the Service in other ways that do not contradict this Agreement. The placement is carried out by maintaining the Materials in a shared database Service and display them to the visitors of service of queries that contain characterizing Materials information (name of publication, name of author, subject, keywords/topics, etc.), or by random samples. The use of the service is governed by this Agreement.

The user agrees that the Materials posted on the service, will be available for all other users, either directly on the service, and by playing various technical means with reference to the original source (via mailing lists, RSS broadcast, etc.), except when the User has set restrictions on viewing Materials. The user has the right to restrict your access to your Content, placing them in a pre-established, closed sections of the service; in this case, the Materials will be available only to the User who placed them, and other Users, which will be reported to the secret password. By default, all posted Content with the status "Public".

As the author's name when placing the Material on the service will indicate the name (nickname) of the User that he has registered or in settings of their personal data in the appropriate section of the service.

All Materials posted by Users on the services reflect solely the opinions of the Users, their publisher. "iTao" does not share, does not support these views and does not warrant that the posted Materials law; "iTao" not moderates posted by Users of the Materials and comments.

The user is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to creating and posting Materials on the service, including the fact that the content complies with legislation and does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. the User understands and agrees that the Materials in General, and each of them individually should not infringe copyrights, trademark rights, means of identification and/or rights for other intellectual property objects owned by third parties. If the basis of the content Materials is the image of a person, the User shall be responsible for obtaining the consent of such a person posting content on the service. The user shall, at its expense, shall settle all claims of third parties related to the creation and placement of Materials on the service.

"iTao" has the right, without notice and without giving reasons at any time remove or block any Content or comments on the service.

In particular, the grounds for removal and blocking Materials or comments from the service, as well as the lock of the service are:
・sites aimed at deceptive to the User;
・the use of Materials or comments objects, intellectual property rights are owned by third parties, upon receipt of a valid claim from the copyright owner;
・posting Material or comments that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation;

An authorized User has the right at any time without giving reasons to remove any posted Content or comments from the service.

Everything posted on the service, the Materials are the property of the Users who posted them until such time as there is no reason to believe otherwise. Service users are not granted any rights to use the Material posted by other Users, outside the framework of opportunities provided by the service and are solely liable to the author for illegal use of Materials.

"iTao" is not liable for the use (both lawful and unlawful) third party Materials posted on the service, including copying, reproduction and distribution rights, carried out both within the service and any other means possible.

"iTao" does not warrant that the service goals and expectations of the User, trouble-free and error-free operation, as well as the safety profile of the User placed by a User on the service Materials or commentaries. "iTao" is not responsible for the content of links posted on the service and leading to other websites, not owned "iTao"; clicking on such links is at your own risk. "iTao" does not compensate any damages, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties as a result of the use or inability to use the service. "iTao" can advertise (advertising information), as on the main site, and on the third level domains, without coordinating its placement and the number of advertising materials to the User.

This Agreement and all relations connected with use of the service, are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.

"iTao" at any time without notice to the User may modify the text of this Agreement and/or any other service terms of use.